There is nothing of value in a TIME story. Nobody with a shred of decency reads it.

I got an email recently from a journalist working on a TIME article.

I do a lot of free media appearances for righteous publications. There's a number of media outlets I see pushing the Overton window in a direction towards justice. I take time out of my days to provide free commentary, original writing, or technical assistance for these:

The Daily Stormer
My Posting Career
White Rabbit Radio

I consider that a civic duty, and I will take the time to provide them with content and assistance again in the future. These people are doing what they do without a living wage because they love Western people and tradition, and they are defending it the only way they know how.

In contrast, a large publication like TIME has been on the degenerate side of every issue from immigration to financial regulation. They are trying to destroy white civilization. That is why when I am contacted by mainstream media I am going to take my hourly rate, multiply it by two (because hey, this is overtime, atop my day to day labor) and ask for a reasonable financial compensation for whatever time I spend working on some story that does not benefit me running in a publication that actively works to destroy everything decent and good in the world. Open up your Jew wallets and dump out some of the fucking geld you've stolen from us goys, because what other incentive could I possibly have to work with your poisonous publication?

I can't think of a better summary of my attitude than this meme from ALB of My Posting Career/Nuclear Memes:

If you are a small media outlet not run by Zionist filth and you want a anything from me down to the shirt off my back, hit me up. If you are a multinational publishing house and you want to use my time, I have four words: FUCK YOU, PAY ME.


Now Spotify is in the business of political censorship.

What will you do when they're coming for you
And they're coming to take you away?
What will you say when they drag you away?
You're in jail in the name of the state!
It wasn't too long ago when I was being dragged away to prison in retaliation for lawful speech. Which is why that the above lyrics, from "Thought Control" by the Bully Boys, speak to me so much. It's a fantastic song about a nightmarish police state, in which the speech of all citizens is controlled by central authorities:

These are the days when you watch what you say
And you keep what you think to yourself
They got the laws that say watch what you say
Or else the people will find where the blame really lays

This nightmare, it's right here!
It happens all of the time!
They say they're there to control people's hatred
I say they're there to control people's minds!

Thought control!
Thought control!

The system's old and the system's controlled
They don't want you to know it so they don't let it show
Hide all the truth and they remake the past
Keep the people confused with opinions, not facts

Because of my life circumstances, these lyrics hit especially hard for me. That's why, after I got out of prison, I looked up this song on Spotify and added it to my saved tracks. Because of this, I can right-click it and show you that there's still a song URL for this on Spotify:

Today, I might be the only person on earth that can stream this song from Spotify. They've disabled newcomers from playing it and every band like it. Anything anti-state with a nationalist bent is gone. Hundreds of RAC bands with similar lyrical content that I have listened to via Spotify have disappeared along with it. While you can click the URL above, it will not let you add the track to your playlists or play it. Only if you have already added it to your songs will you still be able to stream, like I am doing in this screenshot:

Spotify has engaged in an Orwellian kind of censorship with a level of irony here that can only bring to mind the incident where Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm themselves were remotely deleted from thousands of Kindle devices.

This is the song those who control Spotify don't want you to hear. Check it out.

Today if you search for Bully Boys on Spotify, instead of a political treatise about the corrupting influence of state control, you get a electro/hiphop from a new act of the same name glorifying drug use and promiscuous sex. I wonder if this says anything about the current velocity of our civilization, and if anything should be done about this. Actually, I think the last verse of "Thought Control" contains a good outline of what is going to happen to those who have architected situations like these in the future:

The lost truths, they dont change
And their power won't last
We'll free our people from the yokes of their lies
And revenge will be hell for the ones we despise!

Elon Musk is an obvious fraud

The seemingly limitless capacity of men to be utterly consumed by the foolish worship of idols can cost billions of dollars. Often a huckster with a veneer of unshakable confidence comes along and the social cost of his fraud becomes a burden to civilization at large. So powerful is the allure of personality cults to investors that many of those that many of the same funds that have lost fortunes to them will instantly jump into bed with another.

In 2012 a Brazilian business magnate named Eike Batista had his net worth measured at 32 billion dollars. He was named the world’s 8th richest man. Investors poured billions into his companies. He was an actual golden child, having ascended to wealth and influence on a stroke of luck by being in the gold mining industry during a historic rise in the value of gold. He leveraged that position to break into many new industries that were perhaps more difficult than simply taking existing gold mines and seeing their margins rise.

Not content with being just a gold magnate, he decided he would raise large amounts of public money and get in the business of iron mining, solar energy, coal mining and power generation, offshore oil drilling, and international logistics and shipping. He had no unique special knowledge to lead him into these industries— just the charm to convince institutional investors and his home government to grant him gigantic infusions of cash.

One by one Batista’s businesses fell. Batista’s oil wells only pumped 1/50th of the barrels he predicted they would and OGX, the company that owned them, filed for bankruptcy. The power generation company he founded, MPX, lost 400 million dollars a year until it filed for bankruptcy in 2014. OSX, his offshore drilling equipment manufacturer, was contingent upon the success of OGX and also went bankrupt. MMX, his iron mining venture, fell completely flat after losing billions in investments. LLX, his attempt at a global shipping and logistics enterprise, found few customers.

All his stock tickers ended in X, “to symbolize the multiplication of wealth”. He is now potentially the single greatest destroyer of wealth that ever lived. The fallout of Batista’s collapse was massive. Its brush tainted not only the economy of Brazil but all emerging markets. For the next two or more decades one man’s incompetence is going to make it far more difficult for ventures in tens of countries to find investment. Many of the institutional investors which put their faith in Batista’s schemes were pension funds left holding double-digit stakes in enterprises whose liabilities were a multiple of their assets.

There were a bunch of warning signs. The biggest red flag is taking on a multitude of projects each of which would need a full-time commitment from any man, no matter how brilliant and resilient. It speaks of a personality in the throes of mania, jumping into the founding of one business after another with disregard for their ability to push them into the black. The second is a man’s transition from great success borne chiefly of luck, charm, and market conditions in simpler industries to far more complicated industries requiring long-term capital influx from both public and private sources.

There’s no businessman that exhibits these characteristics today more than Elon Musk. He made his initial success in an unrepeatable environment of the dotcom boom. Making web applications is ridiculously simple compared to any one of Elon’s new ambitions: automobiles, space travel, solar energy, and public transit. Any single one of these would be a massive undertaking, requiring the full focus of any CEO. To take them on all at once reeks of foolish pride and mania. There’s something innately childish about trying to be the king of cars, space, and trains all at once as well. It’s like he’s picking everything preteen boys might decorate their room with.

The financials and market realities make it obvious that Tesla is doomed to fail. Elon Musk has failed to capture the potential centers of profit in the new transit economy. Uber has captured the user experience of personal transit, and Google is leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else in overcoming the legal and technical hurdles of autonomous vehicles. These are the parties best suited to profiting in a burgeoning new economy of technology-enhanced transit. Tesla leveraged itself to the hilt on batteries in a prediction of rising gas costs forcing a switch to electric vehicles, but fracking and shale oil drove crude prices from $146 from their peak in June of 2008 to pretty consistently under $50 these days. Oil might drop even further.

Tesla’s level of leverage leaves anything other than a significant market share in the car market as a fatal outcome. It has no room for competitors, which is why I believe that Musk got so defensive in a German newspaper when confronted with rumors of Apple’s self-driving car project and began to so aggressively attack them: “Important engineers? They have hired people we’ve fired. We always jokingly call Apple the Tesla Graveyard. If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple. I’m not kidding.”

J.B. Straubel, Tesla’s CTO, said that employees can “get afraid” of Musk. A former Musk employee said to of him, “Elon’s worst trait by far, in my opinion, is a complete lack of loyalty or human connection. Many of us worked tirelessly for him for years and were tossed to the curb like a piece of litter without a second thought. Maybe it was calculated to keep the rest of the workforce on their toes and scared; maybe he was just able to detach from human connection to a remarkable degree. What was clear is that people who worked for him were like ammunition: used for a specific purpose until exhausted and discarded.”

How many of these new Apple employees are arriving from Tesla with a strong desire to give as big of a fuck you to Musk as possible after being fired for failing to meet increasingly unreasonable product requirements and deadlines demanded by a foolhardy sociopath? Tesla’s entire future is bound in the hope that Google takes only the low end of next generation vehicles. If Apple creates a luxury electric car, that alone is likely to destroy any hope of success. His current level of leverage leaves no room for the smallest of setbacks, or him scaling up operations in a crowded market with significantly capitalized competitors.

Tesla’s engineers may be the best in the world, but they’re all dedicated to a task that doesn’t have an ounce of basic financial sense. It’s like the Herman Hesse classic ‘The Glass Bead Game‘, where the most brilliant scientists, linguists, and engineers of the age are all dedicated to an extremely complicated board game instead of confronting problems that are actually critical to the advancement of society. Hesse wrote it as a critique of the academic establishment, but it also perfectly applies to the many capital bonfires that warm Silicon Valley. Elon once wrecked a McLaren F1 and got out of the car laughing because it wasn’t insured. Take this as an omen for the future of his automobile business if you have any bit of wisdom in you.

Something that all of his companies rely upon is continued gub’mint cheese. Without the largesse of the state, his entire empire would have already collapsed. His enterprises have collected $4.9 billion in free handouts, and the government is the customer on a third of SpaceX’s launches and probably well over half its revenue. For someone that is the hero of so many Reddit libertarians he sure is awfully dependent upon handouts from the state. Not a single one of his ventures are possible without constant goodwill and cash from politicians.

His latest Hyperloop project reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Marge narrowly saves Springfield from being cheated out of all its money in a monorail-building scam. I can look at the balance sheets of Musk’s ventures now and know that most of his billions are like Batista’s. Today there is prideful, arrogant mockery of Apple, whose profit margins he can never attain. This kind of hubris will always be punished. Don’t find yourself getting punished with it. Many of Batista’s investors now count themselves as Musk’s. If you have any sense at all, dump your Tesla shares before it is too late.

this is a mirror of an article I originally published on the now-defunct lifestyle and op-ed publication, DSSK. It generated millions of uniques and over 15,000 shares on Facebook.

The Justification for Weapons.

Someone on Quora asked, "How does an average American gun-owning citizen rationally justify his/her possession of gun(s)?"

Here's my answer, archived for when Quora suspends me:

In June of 2010 there was an AT&T webserver on the open Internet. There was an API on this server, a URL with a number at the end. If you incremented this number, you saw the next iPad 3G user email address. I thought it was egregiously negligent for AT&T to be publishing a complete target list of iPad 3G owners (there were active iOS exploits at this time, I had just reported one to Apple and it was still unpatched), and I took a sample of the API output to a journalist at Gawker. I feel that when a big company puts you at risk you deserve to be informed and they deserve to be embarrassed.

I lived in Fayetteville, AR at the time. It is the city I was born in. I had a spiritual attachment to that land. I wanted to die there, which is why I had not left it despite all my friends shouting at me that I was a political target for the government and needed to leave the country. I thought I would be protected by not being a criminal. I knew I was a political target because the FBI had been harassing me previously due to my personal policies of embarrassing corporate entities, so I had rid myself of my guns in hopes that they wouldn't claim they thought I was armed and murder me in my home. I had never been more attached to a possession than my Saiga 12, but I sold it anyways. I was not armed when the federal agents busted in the door.

After years of being kidnapped to a foreign jurisdiction of New Jersey which I had never visited, falsely imprisoned, and tortured, my case was overturned on Constitutional grounds. The court admitted that I was not a criminal. I was "freed" from a prison, only to find myself in another. Because I was charged with fraud, financial institutions don't want to do business with me. Everyone has a record of the conviction but nobody does of when it was vacated. The federal government still conspires against me, sending informants to try to entrap me and my coworkers. Girlfriends are harassed at airports. After I was kidnapped to New Jersey, my former home was bulldozed. I finally left America as a refugee in desperation, and foreign intelligence agencies and law enforcement continue to act aggressively towards me. I just fled Croatia after Europol tried to unlawfully detain me.

My life never recovered. I didn't commit a crime, but I may as well have been executed. I asked the government to compensate me for the harm and violence they did to me, and they ignored that. It turns out they have "sovereign immunity". The feds are not like states-- if they harm you, you need their permission to sue them. My life ended on January 18th, 2011 when they kidnapped me to New Jersey. Since then, I have been a walking dead man.

I wish every day I had not rid myself of my guns, and I had wired the entrances of my building with explosives. I wish that I had actually died, and taken as many feds with me as possible. This is actually the reason that the framers gave us a sacred right to own guns. They didn't care about self-protection nearly as much as the regular and cyclical slaughter of authority figures to keep them in line. Thomas Jefferson put it plain as day: "the tree of liberty must be watered, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants." You can simply look on the news and see cops executing American citizens in cold blood. You want to entrust your safety to these people, with no hope of resisting them if they turn against you? You're a fool.

The only reason I keep breathing today is in the hope that I will see a Day of the Rope when they are brought to justice. This cause is why I am still alive now, after losing everything. I can't tell you to arm yourself, or what to do with those arms when they come for you. I can only tell you, mourning for my lost home in a foreign land, the sole thing I would change in my life if I had the chance to do it all over again.

Watch this man slowly die. It is important.

I want you to watch this guy slowly die of benzodiazepine withdrawals. It is important to me. This particular man is not my friend, but I do have a friend this has happened to. My friend Fidel Salinas was imprisoned on ludicrous and fictitious computer crime charges just like me. He had several seizures in solitary confinement because he was lawfully prescribed Xanax by a medical professional and the Bureau of Prisons saw fit to ignore that upon his imprisonment. This sort of life-threatening torture is common enough that I have had it happen to someone I personally know and call a friend. It finally killed someone, and it is only a matter of luck that Fidel's tolerance to gamma-Aminobutyric acid deficit is better than the guy's in the video. If it were not, my friend would be dead too.

When I went on a hunger strike, they demanded to take my blood. I refused to give it, so they came in and took it. In the process, they chained me to a metal bed with no mattress. A fat prison guard put his full weight down on his knee upon my stomach while holding me still so my blood could be taken and I vomited. They left me there for days, on a slab of cold steel covered in my own vomit.

This is what America really is about. This is the America that I know. This America needs to die in a wrathful firestorm that makes what Timmy did to the Murrah Building look like $5 in fireworks. Every day I remind myself what America is and what needs to be done about it. You should too.

Hail victory.

I turn 30 today.

30, being an easily divisible number, is one of those things we irrationally use to mark the beginning of an epoch in our lives. In my case it fits, as significant events now correlate with all of its factors. When I was 15 years old the government began surveilling me. The 3 years that said government stole from me under false pretense now accounts for a tenth of my life. The 6 years of earnings that I lost outside that 3 years due to government harassment now accounts for a 5th for it. I've spent a roughly a year as a refugee from American tyranny.

Having reached this milestone in my life, I reflect more upon the history of the world than my own history. I read Tacitus and Suetonius some eight years ago, but I lacked the wisdom to put them in the proper context. As a birthday present to me, I ask that you listen as I do.

Liberal democracy prides itself on bestowing liberties upon the individual, but when you investigate a given liberty, you generally find that it was first bestowed by a despot. For example, compare the eighth amendment to the United States Constitution to this remark upon the policies of Nero by Tacticus: "Restrictions were also put on the powers of the aediles and a limit fixed to the amount of bail or penalty which curule and plebeian aediles could respectively exact."

In ancient Rome, anyone imprisoned was allowed to challenge the nature of the imprisonment to see if it was done with lawful authority. However, many were refused the ability to exercise this right by curse of poverty, due to the benches of the court being only available after the furnishing of a fee. Suetonius outlined the abolition of this by that Roman emperor: "Clients should pay ... nothing at all for benches, which were to be furnished free of charge by the public treasury."

It took democracy over a millennia and a half to grant the liberties that were forged by a reviled despot, but the true irony is exactly how these liberties were restored. While the above outlines how habeas corpus was established with honesty 2000 years ago, it becomes illuminating to know in contrast how it came to exist in modern jurisprudence. For that we have to look at the Parliament of England in 1679, when the Habeas Corpus Act was passed through voter fraud. The roll call for that session of Parliament had accounted for 107 Lords present, and the Habeas Corpus Act passed 57-55, for a total of 112. Habeas corpus was 3 votes behind in the running, so they made up 5 votes. One extra, because it would have trigged an automatic recount by parliamentary bylaws if it was only 1 ahead.

So an individual liberty which was freely and gladly given early on in the career of a man that is now considered one of the most reviled despots in history could only be established in Western democracy through a complete and total subversion of the institution of democracy itself.

And now we come to the crux of the matter. Democracy feigns responsibility for individual liberties, but it did not invent them and has done a poorer job at maintaining them than other systems of governance. I have traveled this past year though many dictatorships, and I can say with confidence that their citizens are more free to conduct commerce than those of us who were born in the United States. The only freedoms that the USA offers you are those of degeneracy. You are free to commit sodomy in public, or mutilate your genitals. You certainly are not free to refuse to bake a cake in celebration of this, however. You are free to have the government move you into a neighborhood you could never afford on the dime of people who actually earn their money, but you are not free to refuse to live next to hostile foreigners with no sense of culture or decency.

Democracy also takes credit for improving quality of life, but the reality is that quality of life has improved all across the planet, even in dictatorships, because of improvements in technology. Democracy has nothing to do with increasing standards of living, just as it has nothing to do with individual liberty.

The reality is that democracy is a ridiculous and ignoble circus. How could it be more obvious as Trump announces on stage that he's bribed several of his opponents, "Deez Nuts" polls at #3, and Kanye presents an honest bid for executive office. There never was anything of substance to the institution itself. It only worked for a brief moment not because of any inherent nobility, but because of the decency and values of the people that populated it. As the descendants of those people become minorities in the lands their forefathers conquered, our government becomes progressively more like a banana republic. The Constitution, while noble in aim, was written before Bastiat even invented the first macroeconomic terminology. It was written before the Internet existed. The Constitution no longer accomplishes its aim of restraining government and creating a worthwhile civil order. We need to put the Constitution out of its misery before its last shred of dignity is gone.

The second quarter of my life is up, and it was defined mostly by humor and commercial pursuits. It was a wild ride, in which I became a millionaire, then a prisoner, and then a destitute, wandering refugee. I did some interesting things and some of them had some pretty fantastically large affects. For moments I made the world move. Now the next quarter of my life is here, and I believe the next will be defined by one question: by what memetic and technological praxes may I bring the rotten whore that is the United States government to her knees for the discipline she truly deserves? It is time for us to subvert democracy for the elevation of liberty, just as the Parliament of England did in 1679. Those of you who will join me in my aims, prepare yourselves. Our time is soon. Hail the new dawn.

No defense for Gavin McInnes.


Your recent statement that you are "100% sure" I am "a liberal plant" reminded me of Brynhild's false accusation against Sigurd. For those who haven't read the Eddas (shame upon you), Brynhild coveted Sigurd but Sigurd was married to Gudrun. In a rage, Brynhild made a false accusation that Sigurd raped her, to provoke a lethal assault upon him. I do have something that you covet, Gavin. That thing being authenticity. I think it's time for a quick comparison of our nationalist bona fides so that everyone can see why exactly it is that you are acting like a jealous little bitch.

My journey started in 2001. I was fifteen then. I could no longer in good conscience watch the West decline into a third world shithole, so I joined the Christian Identity movement, taught people about encryption technologies, and distributed our propaganda on the Internet. This got me in the federal catalogues at a young age:

Of course at this time you were too busy peddling books like "The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll," and "Vice Dos and Don'ts: 10 Years of VICE Magazine's Street Fashion Critiques" to engage in any meaningful political struggle. You made millions of dollars off of peddling sexual promiscuity, glorifying narcotics addiction, and promoting the degeneracy of hipster culture to children.

Of course, these are the exact forces that I, as a committed ethnonationalist for my entire adult life, was fighting right up until a swat team kicked in my door in the Ozark town where I was born. It was fighting forces of degeneracy like the company you ran that got my door kicked in, and I can prove that, because the FBI's search warrant outlined their objections to my political media opposition.

After being kidnapped from my childhood home and held in a hostile foreign territory under ransom for 2 years, I was sentenced to prison on false charges in retaliation for my beliefs. I know it was in retaliation for my political beliefs because the federal prosecutor said it with his own mouth:

"Because of his racial politics, his racial theories." --Actual quote from Assistant U.S. Attorney Zach Intrater at my federal criminal sentencing
You have been a marketer for your whole life. Your recent conversion to the altright seems like something that should be in that one Bill Hicks skit on marketing. I can see you so easily wringing your hands with a greed-borne grin upon your face saying the lines out of his skit,

"The righteous indignation dollar, that's a big dollar! Lotta people are feeling that indignation. Huge market! The anger dollar! Huge! Huge in times of recession! Giant market!"
You were an executive at a dead end firm that makes ad campaigns. It's an overcrowded industry and a progressively shrinking market. You got sick of watching your career fade, so you posted a flagrantly SJW-provoking essay titled "Transphobia is Perfectly Natural" on Thought Catalog. You wrecked your ad firm, and collected the severance knowing full well you'd be out of a job in a week. Such rhetorical bravery didn't last very long. Your previously awesome shitlording seemed to stop abruptly as you gained a nationally syndicated radio show. It becomes clear now that someone's calling the shots, and it ain't someone on the right.

Our side had an awesome success with the "cuckservative" meme, which was born in the legendary chatbox of the My Posting Career forums. With it on every Republican's lips, you came in to tone police it straight up like a genderqueer Tumblr addict. The guy who previously said trannies were disgusting was now the guy saying, "whoa now, we can't talk like this, these black people nobody has ever heard of might be offended."

This is why that when you decried me a liberal plant on twitter, my reply (which, for those unfamiliar with Twitter, does not show to my followers unless they follow Gavin) got more retweets and favorites than your initial accusation sent to all of yours.Those are your fucking followers, Gavin, seeing that and retweeting it and favoriting it because you are a fucking joke. You've been cosplaying in the alternative right for a year. I've fought for fourteen of them (a fortuitous number) and suffered false imprisonment, torture, and the loss of my childhood home. That a British born migrant by way of Canada who has mixed race children and sits on a pile of Jew media money from peddling orgy porgy and soma would try to insult my right-wing credentials is fucking hilarious. The jig is up, and we all know you're a ringer. It's your job to try to steer us away from issues related to the survival of European ethnic groups and cultures, and we aren't going to fucking have it. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

You'll always be known as a mongrelizer and a cuckold, Gavin. You cuck for the black lobby and you cuck for Israel. Anyone can hate on feminists and trannies. Limbaugh has been doing that shit since the 90s. You're to the left of him. You've stolen our rhetorical tone, a sheep in wolf's clothing. You have the foremost ethnat intellectual, Jared Taylor, on your show and you put him on with a blubbering monkey to make a mockery of the discussion. You think we can't see what you are doing? Your shameful attempt to ingratiate yourself with American nationalists is beginning to collapse. Hell, you aren't even an American, and since you love multiethnic society so much I think perhaps you should return to your country of origin. I think Leicester and Luton are more up to your speed these days. Failing that, maybe you could listen to the suggestions Bill Hicks outlined for marketers like yourself:

"You are Satan's spawn filling the world with bile and garbage. You are fucked and you are fucking us. Kill yourself, it's the only way to save your fucking soul."


Youth in Soviet America

When you're ten years old, bizarre is just how things are. Later on you remember and realize how absolutely fucked things were.

In 1995 I was a precocious kid on a BBS frequented by a bunch of weird nerds. One of them was a DJ for a local radio station, and he was talking about how he and all the DJs he knew were trying to bust open media silence on a government conspiracy. In the eighties a Pennsylvania politician named Budd Dwyer refused to play ball with mob contractors. The United States Attorney was in league with the mob, so he ironically brought charges of corruption and bribery against Budd. The entire case was based around perjured testimony solicited by the mob-aligned US Attorney and, hilariously, attained through an act of bribery. The man testifying was getting a significant bit of jail time reduced to lie about about Budd and claim he'd taken bribes.

Budd was a man who had dedicated his life to the pursuit of law, so he knew full well that a federal court was a diseased brothel where his chances at justice were nil. He did the only thing he could to try to bring attention to his plight hope that someone would find the truth. He called a press conference and shot himself on live television. Kids at home in Harrisburg watched as the blood bubbled up through Budd's skull. The national news didn't show the blood bubbling, and presented the case as open and shut. A bad guy charged with a crime committed suicide and all is right with the world.

It could have stayed that way too, and nobody of my generation would have ever heard of Budd Dwyer. Instead a very young Internet dug through the evidence a decade later and figured out the Dwyer case didn't pass the smell test. The realization that the only evidence in the case was perjured testimony spawned a prototype meme for "jet fuel can't melt steel beams." A band called Filter, riding on this wave, released a track about it, "Hey man, nice shot" expressing a desire to be able to meet Budd.

DJs around the country played the track as an act of rebellion because the news wouldn't acknowledge that Budd had been set up. Filter rode their sedition to a platinum album and never made another song that was inspired or relevant ever again. Public pressure eventually made the man who gave the false testimony admit that he had lied at the behest of the federal government and apologize for the harm he did Budd. For a couple years on the BBS's I frequented we'd say "Hey man, nice shot" in response to a sane and rational argument about what a politician should morally do, nodding to the fact that it would probably get them imprisoned or killed.

I stumbled upon this memory because a foreign friend was asking for American music recommendations. They seemed to like the altrock of my youth, so I told them the story of the Filter song. It was only today that I managed to realize how indicative of sickness and rot this song is. The synopsis of this story, "the good guy killed himself in the square and the media wasn't allowed to talk about it so everyone used a code in song..." is like an anecdote from the lives of Bulgakov or Solzhenitsyn living under Stalin. Recounting this to my friend moved this memory from the category of normal everyday memories where it was filed when I was 10 years old to artifacts of a nightmarish dystopia. That I write this on a blogging service owned by the Kremlin because I like and trust them more than Silicon Valley just makes this that much funnier.

There weren't any UGC streaming video services in 1995, so today was the first day I could watch the video of Budd's final seconds.

Budd Dwyer died in hopes that we would find the truth and bring his aggressors to justice. America is a dead nation, and it will not rise as long as the houses of Paul J. Killion and Joseph U. Metz, the attorneys that wronged Budd, remain unpunished. There are other suicides of innocents post-Budd that hit closer to the home of us weird nerds, such as those of Jonathan James and Aaron Swartz caused by US Attorneys Stephen Heymann and Carmen Ortiz, or that of Lance Moore caused by US Attorney Paul J. Fishman. It's probably a federal crime to say what I think should be done to these criminals so I am not going to express my desires, but I think all my supporters all know what needs to be done so I don't have to. If we truly love the spirit of the Constitution, we must plan to bring the tyrants we call federal prosecutors to justice, along with the tyrants we call senators and special agents and judges. If ruin is not brought to their houses, then we have failed to perform our moral obligations as dutiful citizens to punish evildoers. Let us hail the gods of victory and ponder how we can accomplish such a task.

A tale of two CEOs: misogyny, corporate governance, Carol Bartz, and Ellen Pao.

When Carol Bartz was at Autodesk, she took on responsibilities I would shy away from. Early in my career, I did PLC hacking for factory automation. It's maddeningly delicate work with little margin for error. Fuckups meant actual physical goods could be subtly damaged in large numbers. After a few months of increasing reliance on alcohol to quell the stress of spirals of statics and dynamics in my head and a potential lost centisecond or nudged millimeter I didn't seek another project and decided I would be in the direct e-mail marketing industry. Never again did I want to have anything to do with minute tolerances.

AutoCAD is software like that. People design actual physical objects tiny and great in it. If things go wrong in AutoCAD its customers would be furious. It's also a pretty feature rich piece of software. Carol Bartz learned all of it. The niche features few used, the scripting system, she grabbed people who knew the software well and made sure she knew every bit of it. She may not be from an engineering background, but she is damn sharp and knew that in software the details were everything. Everyone at Autodesk spoke highly of her. She was demanding, but thorough, and everyone at the company knew she was working just as hard as they were.

When Bartz arrived at Yahoo she applied that same methodical spirit. She delved into the features of every Yahoo product, and does Yahoo ever have a lot of products. It was a job of massive scope, just as Autodesk had been, and she did it well. She made a lot of tough decisions. Many of Yahoo's products had nearly no margin and no opportunity for growth. She cut them. Her work was good, and she was humble about it. Everyone said she was doing a better job than she said she was doing.

However, after years of bad management Yahoo had only one asset that was truly important: its partial stake in Alibaba. When Carol Bartz sat down to negotiate that, she acted the same as any man would have. Sitting opposite to her was Jack Ma, who has more traditional Chinese expectations about femininity. He despised Bartz, who is psychologically stronger than most male executives I've met and is foulmouthed and tolerates no bullshit. Pretty soon Yahoo was cut out of things at Alibaba entirely. The board moved to oust Bartz, and various investors used their sway with the press to construct a narrative of Bartz's incompetence to appease Ma. She was criticized quite viciously, and it made me angry to watch it happen.

The usual feminist antagonists in technology were not interested in the slightest. Criticizing a foreign minority for very real misogyny was never on the table.

When Ellen Pao arrived at Reddit, her resume consisted of no accomplishments. She was filing a frivolous lawsuit against her former employer, private equity firm Kleiner Perkins, for sexual harassment. The only reason she had the job at all was because Reddit investor and rival firm Andreessen Horowitz wanted to lend credence to that lawsuit. In the highly competitive world of private equity dealings, Andreessen Horowitz viewed a cowed, demoralized Kleiner as a less capable bidder for funding deals. They cared little about how she managed Reddit and Imgur. They just wanted her to look like executive material in front of a jury.

In contrast to Autodesk and Yahoo, Reddit is a very easy thing to run. I've run some reasonably large websites (Alexa top 1000 range) that consist solely of user-generated content. This is a job more up the alley of a dropout like me. Things can break in subtle ways and it won't matter. The world keeps turning, and a website audience will always come back after an hour's outage. No biggie. Had Pao done nothing but smoke pot and browse Reddit while she worked there, nobody would have despised her. Nobody would have remembered she existed.

In contrast to Carol Bartz's legendary meticulousness in regards to product, Ellen Pao didn't even learn to use Reddit's software properly. She, hilariously, once linked to a message in her private inbox in a public subreddit. Imagine someone so dumb that they post a link to their Gmail inbox on their Facebook wall. Pao was that person. Her reactions to the countless responses poking fun at her shows she didn't learn anything about her users either. She flew into a rage and called an engineer to shadowban all the commenters for her. The kind of users that inhabit Reddit care deeply about the free and open Internet. Pao showed herself to be a mad and petty empress, and this was the turning point where everyone decided that it was best if she were destroyed.

Reddit has rightly sent her packing, after she singlehandedly built up the strength of their only competitor Voat and made their users flee the website in droves. Despite such egregious incompetence, not only are the usual feminist antagonists fawning over her but mainstream media sources like the New York Times have completely rewritten articles about the issue to favor her over feminist backlash. If social capital was real money, Pao would be a sick piglet suckling at the teat of a welfare state. The contrast to the story of Carol Bartz is so dramatic that it fills me with a previously unimagined level of disgust for the technology industry's Marxist feminist squadrons. I vomit on the host of the Valley, and I hope they all die.

Carol Bartz got fucked over by Yahoo's board and made a scapegoat. In the history of female tech executives, she is the only one that could have truthfully played the sexism card and she didn't, probably to avoid being in the company of women like Ellen Pao. Carol Bartz is all class, and a typical example of the great American ingenuity that is rapidly fading from the world.

Ellen Pao is a degenerate, plain and simple. She is a typical example of why my former country is becoming an endless sewer. She is a fraud just like her husband, who stole a nine figure amount from the pensions of firefighters. They both belong in cages, like the zoo animals they are.