Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote,
Andrew Auernheimer

To all my friends in Ukraine: Time grows short, act now.

I am an American. I have lived in Ukraine for over a year now. I love this country and its people so much I decided to stay forever. I have never felt as much at home as when I am in this country. I will be buried within sight of the Dnieper.

I am a political analyst for a living. I spent the last year making large amounts of money betting on the success of Donald Trump. The writing was on the wall for anyone who understood the American people. I kept telling people here we were electing Trump and I was laughed at. Your media insulted Trump and praised Hillary Clinton. Your leaders attacked Trump in vile and cowardly ways. Your ambassador insulted Trump in public.

I love my President as much as I love Ukraine. This presents a problem. My President hates your President. Your leaders have made grave mistakes. Just as I warned your country and its media about the impending election of Donald Trump, I will now warn it once more. I worry that war will come. I love my city and will not leave it. I want this place to succeed, and it will need America's help to do so.

When your leaders allied themselves with Hillary Clinton, they made themselves part of a coalition of the worst people in America. The kind of people that voted for Hillary Clinton were chiefly homosexuals, childless insane women, drug dealers, pimps, and people who refuse to work that wanted free money from our government so they did not have to get a job. The image of Ukraine's leaders to any red blooded American now is now tainted with the association of Hillary's sick and degenerate voter base. My American friends talk of Ukraine with contempt in their voice. They only know the men in Kiev who attacked their beloved leader, men they know to be a part of Clinton's international network of corruption.

Donald Trump has done more in his first ten days than any American president has in history. He moves fast, like the lightning. Ukraine will have to move fast as well to salvage their relationship with America. There are three simple steps to doing so:

1) Poroshenko should realize the gravity of what he has done and step down for the good of his country. Trump will hold a grudge against Poroshenko forever, and seek to undermine any government that includes him and his allies. The Kiev junta is over and Ukraine's only future with America lies in men who have not insulted my President.

2) Trump admires strength and independence-- nationalist militants should fill the ranks of power. Trump is a nationalist and strongly supported Brexit. Trump and his people like independent European nation states and oppose globalism. If you put Pravy Sektor men in power, it will give an image appealing to Western nationalists.

3) Develop support amongst the alternative right. Trump's first political support base was far right Internet commentators and reactionary labor movements. It remains his core political base. Oleksandr Muzychko was the only Ukrainian appreciated by the alt-right and he was murdered. Most in the alt-right think he was silenced for his vocal opposition to so many Jews seizing power in Ukraine. Trump's political base wants to see the kind of spirited resistance to Jewish Communists that Muzychko displayed. Ukraine needs to find more men like him and make sure they adequately communicate their ideals to both Ukrainian and American audiences.

The clock is ticking. Ukrainian leaders stand idle, waiting to see what changes. Ukraine suffers an ill fate because its leaders backed the wrong horse. Ukraine still may change course, but the shadow of Moscow grows longer every hour. Inaction will lead to ruin.


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