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Andrew Auernheimer

Oðinnsson. Market abuser. Internationally notorious computer criminal.

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Why Justin Bieber is an underrated antihero
It was 2011 when I first became a Belieber. The Commercial Felony Streaming Act was being argued in the Senate, sponsored by Amy Klobuchar. It was a nightmare of a bill that would have made it a felony for you to make performances of copyrighted works. This, incidentally, was how Justin Bieber's career began: singing songs on YouTube. A radio announcer told him about the bill and his thoughts on Senator Klobuchar were that "she should be locked up ... she needs to know that I’m saying she needs to be locked up, put away in cuffs."

When it comes to retaliation against rulers one opposes I prefer the kill their sons and rape their daughters approach outlined in the Völundarkviða, but calling for extrajudicial imprisonment is a pretty good instinct for a 16 year old. I came to expect great things from Bieber. I was not disappointed.

He mocked Orlando Bloom after fucking his supermodel wife Miranda Kerr, then ducked the guy's punch and laughed at him. He told nigger jokes. Just last year he was sued over an anti-semitic incident where he egged a Jew's house. When he was deposed in 2014 on an assault investigation, he displayed Shkreli-tier contempt for legal process:

Bieber displays the characteristics of a great hero of skaldic poetry. He treats the establishment and its rules with the contempt they deserve, leaving a trail of furious onlookers and currently outstanding South American arrest warrants. I can't decide whether he's the Donald Trump or John McAfee of pop. If the lulzy parts of the Internet were not stuck in a mode of reactionary anti-Bieber hatred they would realize that he is, as they say, "based as fuck". If he did anything other than produce pop music most everyone I know would heap praise upon him. The bottomless irreverence of his relentless assault on life is an admirable trait which more of you should emulate.

Because I have always enjoyed Bieber as an individual, I give his music a listen now and then to see if there's anything I enjoy. I never really found him to my taste, but some of the songs from Purpose are actually sounding really good. He has made significant improvement as a musician.

I've added some Bieber tracks to my library for the first time ever, and look forward to adding more. I have a lot of hope for the Biebs in the future. Maybe he'll pull a Clapton on us. You can signal faux superiority if you want by hating on pop music, but I will remain a Belieber.

Update: After this post was written, it was revealed that Justin Bieber was making America Great Again:

After this revelation, he also got in a street fight with a huge nigger:

Bieber is down for the road war.

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Did not see that coming weev. But, as always, you are able to look through the narrative and distill some truth out of the situation.

You're out of your fucking mind. So one spoiled brat said an un-PC "fuck the system" thing and now you're all over him ? C'mon man, get a grip !

He also quickly apologised for those jokes, like any dutiful pop star, not wanting to lose any money or alienate fans.

But hell, if that's what you like, I don't care, you've done enough good propaganda at other times to win my support in the longterm.
Take care and ride the storm, forever onwards !

this is called narrative shaping. when media starts piling on bieber for being "problematic" which they have done a bunch of times, people need to respond, no, this is why he is great.

That's an interesting concept and a smart point (you'd make a master propagandist like Goebbels proud!). Where did you learn all this ? ^^

IRL however, remember those songs that have Bieber ft. Lil' Mothafuckin' no-teeth-left-glue-sniffing-face Wayne ? There's some 'narrative shaping' material in some celebrities, but at a personal level (for me) Bieber can suck a tailpipe.

Now, if his music ok for you taste, fine by me, each to his own.
Cheers ;)

I still hate Beliebers in general but you've certainly made me rethink Beiber himself.


Weev, your insight is amazing. I like the kid more now. I thought most of the questions in the deposition were harrassment.

Wigger to the core...

He has that intolerable niggerish southern gospel undulating wannabe nigger vocal style, and niggerish mannerisms, in hand and other physical movements... evreything I have come to hate in this modern world we inhabit. To the dustbin of history with him, regardless of his teenage anti-establishment tendencies. MODERN NIGGER POP IS NOT OK.

Wow, I never realized he wasn't degenerate. I never really hated him, but certainly went with the bandwagon becaused it seemed reasonable enough. My best friend's older sister liked him plenty, and I never had a problem with it, and it probably did good for her to be liking Justin Bieber.

If a girl looks up to Justin Bieber, as an ideal, it is a lot better than them looking up to virtually every other current day pop-star. Even Tame Impala, I discovered, was degenerate and just ugly in the core of their songs. Justin Bieber, I never had a problem with him but now I like him, judging by the songs you posted.

Also, a lot of people say "Music sucks these days :( " But they don't realized that they can create music themselves. They can learn anything, guitar, cello, and piano. Whistling just won't cut it! Our soul knows there are better sounds. Even electronic is fine. There are a lot of musical people out there that wait for good songs, sad!

wow weev, you're racist now?

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