Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote,
Andrew Auernheimer

Watch this man slowly die. It is important.

I want you to watch this guy slowly die of benzodiazepine withdrawals. It is important to me. This particular man is not my friend, but I do have a friend this has happened to. My friend Fidel Salinas was imprisoned on ludicrous and fictitious computer crime charges just like me. He had several seizures in solitary confinement because he was lawfully prescribed Xanax by a medical professional and the Bureau of Prisons saw fit to ignore that upon his imprisonment. This sort of life-threatening torture is common enough that I have had it happen to someone I personally know and call a friend. It finally killed someone, and it is only a matter of luck that Fidel's tolerance to gamma-Aminobutyric acid deficit is better than the guy's in the video. If it were not, my friend would be dead too.

When I went on a hunger strike, they demanded to take my blood. I refused to give it, so they came in and took it. In the process, they chained me to a metal bed with no mattress. A fat prison guard put his full weight down on his knee upon my stomach while holding me still so my blood could be taken and I vomited. They left me there for days, on a slab of cold steel covered in my own vomit.

This is what America really is about. This is the America that I know. This America needs to die in a wrathful firestorm that makes what Timmy did to the Murrah Building look like $5 in fireworks. Every day I remind myself what America is and what needs to be done about it. You should too.

Hail victory.
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