Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote,
Andrew Auernheimer

Dear black people: your lack of solidarity for white crime victims ensured #DarrenWilson walking

Darren Wilson walking free is a travesty. That he is not in prison is a blow for the legitimacy of Constitutional government. However, this has absolutely nothing to do with racism. The black community has done themselves a disservice and corrupt law enforcement a huge favor by pretending it is. I was there to speak out about the injustice of the murder of Oscar Grant, and I am here to speak out about the injustice of the murder of Michael Brown. Thousands of white people opened their mouths to say those murders are unacceptable. These events are purely wrong, but please stop pretending the victim's race is the real issue.

The reality of interracial crime is that the vast majority of it is black on white. We are talking, for example, of tens of thousands of black-on-white rapes per year. Black people are murdering, raping, and stealing from whites with near impunity. Whites do not retaliate. Blacks talk of white people having it coming. Real talk: the totality of all historical black-on-white violence far exceeds that of white-on-black (the irony of the fact that both of these are dwarfed by the totality of black-on-black violence, while not as relevant to this discussion, should also be apparent). If that debt was to be repaid in blood, it has been repaid in spades. You want to pretend four hundred years of slavery is justification for violence? I am a Slav. The very word "slave" comes from the name of my race. After four thousand years of servitude you can claim your racial reparations check would be as big as mine, and yet you don't see my people asking for it. I have more important debts to be paid to me than the ones from hundreds of years ago.

Michael Brown should not have been shot, but he was no angel. He had just robbed a store. You know who was an angel? Vicki Weaver. She had committed no crime, and she was shot in the back by a non-white FBI sniper while she was holding her infant child. This, of course, was the day after she saw her 14 year old son murdered by feds. FBI Special Agent Lon Horuichi never faced any charges. This was the single most egregious act of cold-blooded law enforcement murder in the history of the United States. You know what the black community said about this? Absolutely nothing. You think black cops aren't still killing white people? Please get informed. There is racial bias in how cases of interracial violence are handled: minorities are the perpetrators of most interracial violence and still show absolutely no solidarity with white victims. Where were the riots when 76 innocent men, women, and children were murdered at Waco? Where is the minority outrage for the tens of thousands of white US citizens murdered and raped by blacks every year?

The real issue in this is that of an obvious moral hazard. Law enforcement agents have a very close relationship with prosecutors. They commit atrocities against human rights very frequently to help prosecutors build cases. Prosecutors are thus indebted to law enforcement officers. When law enforcement officers do wrong, the only people to indict them are their friends on the same side of the isle. Grand juries universally follow prosecutor desires. A prosecutor can, of course, indict a ham sandwich. I was personally kidnapped at gunpoint from my birthplace to a foreign territory regardless of the fact that I had not committed a crime, and it was treasonously unconstitutional to do that to me. A prosecutor can indict whomever he wants, and exculpatory evidence (that which can suggest a defendant's innocence) and the alleged criminal's testimony is never presented to a grand jury. I very aggressively tried to testify at my grand jury. I was denied this because it never happens, except, of course, in the case where the potential defendant is part of the law enforcement establishment. As such, law enforcement agents will never be able to be lawfully punished for their misdeeds. This is why I think men like Tim McVeigh and Andrew Stack are heroes: they are the only people to ever bring the murderous, thieving terrorists of the state to justice. I wish for their resurrection every day, but I'd actually rather see murdering cop thugs tried in a court that isn't a complete sham and humanely executed afterwards.

Now, it is obvious that Officer Wilson's testimony was not true. There has been much coverage of the fact that the police continually changed their story about the distance from which he was shot (35 feet on day two, but photographs of where the SUV and Brown's corpse showed more along the lines of 150 which was eventually admitted on TV by a STL officer). There's also the issue of the wounding pattern. Take a look at the autopsy diagram in the New York Times. See the anterior wound in the forearm? Put your finger on that spot and simply rotate your arm until that wound faces forward. That's right, put your hands up. #HandsUpDontShoot is actually for real. Even after the fact that witness testimony is normally never presented at a grand jury, normally a prosecutor with a witness on the stand would present the witness would confront him with his testimony being conflicted by a mountain of evidence. There was no such confrontation here.

I hate cops just as much as the black community. I think all cops are subhuman garbage that need to be taught a lesson. However, your insistence that they only deserve such lessons when their victims are black is playing a very old and tired race card. Nobody wants to hear it anymore. As a victim of racially motivated violence perpetrated against me by minorities I sure as hell don't. I want to see you get justice, but you are making it impossible to do so. This Thanksgiving I offer black people some advice should they actually want to see revolutionary courts give murderers in law enforcement the executions they truly deserve:

  1. Stop saying white people have violence coming to them.
  2. Stop having your commentators pretend this isn't a common sentiment amongst black people. Only the dumbest among us will believe you.
  3. Bring those among your communities who commit violence against whites to justice.
  4. Show some support for white victims of state violence, just as we white folk show support for black ones. Seriously, some marches of equivalent size for some dead white women would do a lot to endear you to the people from my hometown.

Eternally your servant in escalation of entropy and eschaton,
Andrew "weev" Auernheimer
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