Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote,
Andrew Auernheimer

My presentence report, where my mom helps the feds attack me again

So I've repeatedly avoided making statements regarding my family, but my mother keeps commenting about me to the media. I suppose I should discuss quickly the nature and character of her comments.

My parents are perfect examples of how secular liberalism destroys families and will rot out the foundations of our very civilization.

A few years ago, I expressed a number of radical political opinions. I do not like the velocity of this country, and I committed myself to bettering it. My parents, being dyed-in-the-wool liberals, strongly disagreed with much of my politics which are rooted in the Protestant ethic and classic Western literature. I decided to spread rebellion by taking that whole "lulz" meme primetime, and I think I did a relatively good job of it especially considering the total lack of capital I had to accomplish the task. There's a lot of history there that's outside the scope of this post.

Like anyone who achieves success influencing our culture in a way the powerful disapprove of, I received some negative attention from our friendly neighborhood Secret Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation branches. They didn't know where I was living at the time, so they visited my parents.

Now here's the remarkable thing: my mother talked to them, extensively. She did everything she could to assist the feds in their investigation. When they get around to kicking my door in years later, they cited facts that they got from my parents in their search warrant.

This is the sad reality of Marxist thought. Marx said we should be a religionless, cultureless worker class where collectivism erodes family ties. My parents hold their politics so highly, that they think I should go to jail for expressing ideas they despise. My mother holds the state above the life and well being of her own son.

They were ashamed that their son could be a target of a federal investigation and disowned me. Which was simply symbolic since I lived far away and it wasn't like they had ever shelled out money for my rent. Still, it was sad to see their sense of propriety and love of liberal politics overcome their sense of love for me.

I just got my pre-sentencing report. This document determines how much time I will spend in prison. It, largely, contains chunks of text where my own mother's praise of her own parenting is encapsulated by her shit talking me. She continues, to this very day, to assist the federal government in attacking me. It further astounds me that the federal government uses her word as an authority, given that we haven't seen each other for about 8 years now. This woman has not been a witness to any of my life past the point where I got the Perl camel book, so basically the last half of it.

I do not have any animosity towards my parents. I had quite a good childhood. I look at my mother's actions today and I pity her, a brainwashed drone of a state gone mad. Who would treat their own children like this? I'll tell you who: almost everyone. Collectivist thought has injured countless families. The only strong families I meet today are through a few religions that still have a backbone, usually the LDS. I wish I could have grown up with a family as strong as those I meet in my faith.

I love my parents, and I hope they come to salvation through the ordinance of baptism. I haven't had much contact with them for the past 8 years (who in their right mind would associate with people that aid the seditious criminals of the federal government with their persecutions?) but I wish them the best. A sentiment that unfortunately, they do not return.

What I do know is that if feds ever came to my door asking for information about my children, I'd tell them to eat shit.
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