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Voice Post: Greetings to #CryptoParty, by request of @Asher_Wolf - Andrew Auernheimer — LiveJournal
Oðinnsson. Market abuser. Internationally notorious computer criminal.
Voice Post: Greetings to #CryptoParty, by request of @Asher_Wolf
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From: (Anonymous) Date: November 21st, 2012 06:07 pm (UTC) (link)
Impressive. A must-listen. Here's a transcript for the deaf and hard of hearing:

Hello #cryptoparty. My name is Weev. That's w e e v. I'm an internationally notorious computer criminal. And I'm here today to tell you why cryptography and privacy are important.

Let's go back a little bit in history, to East Germany under the rule of the Stasi. If you were anybody who was anybody in East Germany --if you could weld, if you were an engineer, if you had an education, if you participated in politics, if you knew calculus-- they would take you from your home, they would take you to the Stasi station, and they would put you in a room on a chair, and strip you of your clothes, and the heat was turned up just a little bit too hot. And they would interrogate you and make you nervous. And after they were done, they'd let you put your clothes back on, and they'd tell you, "We're sorry. We received some false intelligence. You were totally cleared of any wrong doing. You have nothing to worry about. Go home. Enjoy your life and spend time with your children."

But they weren't actually looking for information. What they were looking for was the sheet they put on your chair, that you sweat on, because it was warm and you were afraid. And they'd take that sheet and they'd put it in a jar, and they'd label that jar, and carefully file it away in one of many warehouses of many such jars. They were call the Stasi smell jars. And if they ever needed to find you, East Germany was not that big of a place. They'd pop open that jar and they'd let the dogs smell it. And they'd let loose the dogs and would find you. They'd find you wherever you hid.

Today we have some changes that would make the Stasi cum in their pants. Those fucking Stasi, they were so stupid and backwards they had to put sheets in jars? We've got facial recognition. We've got waveless face pattern recognition. We've got iris [?] systems coming. There's 16 bits of machine recoverable entropy on the human face. Enough to identify you out of a crowd of a 100000 people. If you're walking next to two of your friends, that's enough to identify you out of the entire population of earth, via the semantic relationship between you and your friends' faces.

The arc of the surveillance state is nearing its completion. In just a short while your life, your children's lives, your friend's lives, all your family, everyone you know, may be risk of an tyrannical state coming and murdering them, as they did at Waco, as they did at Ruby Ridge, as they did all over the earth. So you have a moral obligation, even if you do nothing suspicious, to do everything that you can to make the job of the surveillance state just that much harder. So go home. Go home after absorbing your lessons and use Tor, and OTR, and GPG and check fingerprints. Because the future depends on it.

This is Weev, signing off.
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