Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote,
Andrew Auernheimer

a dinner prayer

575K 3:23
“We sit here threatened by tyrants both great and petty. They are plotting and scheming, a great beast of biblical proportions that would devour the world if gone unopposed.

Faced with the dissolution of everything we hold dear, we must become conspirators in a grand scheme: the ascent of man to perfection through the advancement of knowledge.

Our task is an ancient one, first accurately described in the poetic eddas of the pre-christianized norse. The norse had a god named loki, the greatest engineer of myth. Loki was the sole innovator of the norse gods. Mjolnir, the lightning-generating hammer of thor, was forged by loki. The flying ships of the norse gods-- designed by loki who subsequently outsourced their production to dwarves. In the first and greatest act of bio-hacking, loki birthed an eight-legged horse for odin, leader of the norse gods.

Then Odin's son, baldr, decided he was due the greatest hall, and greatest ships by no achievements and sole virtue of birth alone. Baldr was forcing the production of man without right and without due compensation. Loki was the sole opposition which gave baldr a thorough humbling.

The engineer is the first advocate of man. Bringer of light, to guide us to safety. Bringer of baptismal, promethean flame, to forge new ways of life. Agent of the Logos, to elevate reason above animal instinct.

The wicked of the world have built vast hegemonies through death, subjugation and theft. I say to you tonight, do not despair of this, because acts of cruelty cannot find collisions in hash algorithms. These men of paper backed lead projectiles will be supplanted as easily and quietly as instagram replaced kodak. 

So let us say a dinner prayer for us to fulfill our duties on earth---

Let us pray for the catalytic vapor phase deposition of carbon to output thousands of miles of nanotube. 
Let us pray for Thorium-232 to capture neutrons.
Let us pray for 10 terabit ethernet.
Let us sing the hymn of the body internetworked.

Because this is the way the old world ends:
with the soft tap of our keyboards
Because this is the way the old world ends 
with the silent shuffling of registers in an FPGA
Because this is the way the old world ends
not with a bang
but a whimper”

Transcribed by: weev
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