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Voice Post: "The Flesh" by Natasha Lopez - Andrew Auernheimer — LiveJournal
Oðinnsson. Market abuser. Internationally notorious computer criminal.
Voice Post: "The Flesh" by Natasha Lopez
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weev From: weev Date: March 11th, 2012 10:01 pm (UTC) (link)
I can't YouTube I'm on a shitty phone plan please link to text
paradoxx181 From: paradoxx181 Date: March 12th, 2012 01:51 pm (UTC) (link)
"this disc concerns those those pouting prima-donnas
found within the swelling j. arthur ranks of the sexational psycle sluts
those nubile nihilists of the north circular
the lean leonine leatherette lovelies of the leeds intersection
luftwaffe angels locked in a pagan paradise

no cash
a passion for trash
the tough madonna whose cro-magnon face and crab nebular curves haunt the highways of the UK, whose harsh credo captures the collective libido like lariats
their lips pushed in a neon-arc of dodgems
delightfully disciplined, dumb but deluxe
deliciously deliciously deranged

twin-wheeled existentialists steeped in the sterile excrements of a doomed democracy, whose post-nietzschean sensibilities reject the bovine gregariousness of a senile oligarchy
whose god is below zero, whose hero is a dead boy
condemned to drift like forgotten sputniks in the fool's orbit bound for a victim's future

in the pleasure dromes and ersatz bodega bars of the free world the mechanics of love grind like organs of iron to a standstill

hands behind your backs
in a noxious gas of cheek to cheek totalitarianism
hail the psycle sluts

go go the gland gringos
for the gonad a-go-go age of compulsory cunnilingusa

the dirty thirty
the naughty forty
the shifty fifty
the filthy five
zips, clips, whips and chains
wait for you to arrive
hell's angels by the busload
stoned stupid, how they strut
smoked woodbines till they're banjoed
and smirk at the swedish smut

life on the straight and narrow path
drives you off your nut
by day you are psycopath
by night you're a psycle slut

on a bsa with two bald tires
you drove a million miles
you cut your hair with rusty pliers
and you suffer with the pillion piles
you got built in obsolescence
oh you got guts
but you don't reach adolescence
slow down psycle sluts

motor cycle michael
wants to buy a tank
only twenty-nine years old
and he's learning how to wank
yesterday he was in the groove
today he's in a rut
my how the moments move
brut fun psycle sluts

he cacks on your originals
he peepees on his boots
he makes love like a footballer
he dribbles before he shoots
the goings on at the gang-bang ball
made the citizen's tut-tut-tut
but, what do you care, piss all
you tell 'em psycle sluts

now your boyfriend burned his jacket
ticket expired
tyres are knackered
knackers are tired

you can tell your tale to the gutter press
get paid to peddle smut
now you've ridden the road of excess
that leads to the psycle sluts

or you can dine and whine on stuff that's bound to give you boils
hot dogs direct from cruft's
done in diesel oil
or the burger joint around the bend
where the meals thank christ are skimpy
for you that's how the world could end
not with a bang but a wimper."

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