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on the radio: WFMU NYC/Jersey this Sun 20th 3-6 AM EST - Andrew Auernheimer — LiveJournal
Oðinnsson. Market abuser. Internationally notorious computer criminal.
on the radio: WFMU NYC/Jersey this Sun 20th 3-6 AM EST
Sunday morning I'll be on WFMU-FM 91.1 Jersey City/NYC and 90.1 Hudson Valley from 3-6AM EST. That's starting about 25 hours from now.

There are working shoutcast/flash/asx/realmedia streams of varying bitrates. Tell your friends and moms!

If you use that abomination in the eyes of the Lord known as "Twitter" you can tweet at me during the show: @rabite.

This is sort of a training demo thing. I'll be getting a weeknight primetime-ish slot within a very short period. But I'm still going to have a lot of fun with this Sunday morning slot, which will allow me to bring the gospel of my Lord, Jesus Christ, to the many radio listeners in the New York City area. There are probably a lot of people out there listening at such an hour who need to receive the gospel.

Topics of discussion will include the urgent need to destroy the evils of birth control and abortion, how totally awesome the death penalty is, how sodomy undoubtedly sends someone straight to burning in hell, how an international cabal of Mammonites runs the financial system/defames christ/rapes children, and how, with all due respect to other creeds, Christ is the only one that can actually get you to paradise. Being a non-profit, listener-supported radio station, WFMU has an extremely liberal listener base spanning multiple continents and timezones and I'm sure they very urgently need this gospel. I can't wait to engage some of them in debate!

I will also be showcasing tunes from the Christian Identity movement and a small baptist church from Kansas.

If you would like to see more gospel please consider a donation to my legal defense fund.

Find peace in Christ, brothers and sisters!
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auntiesiannan From: auntiesiannan Date: November 19th, 2011 07:16 am (UTC) (link)
Oh weev.


Whatcha doing weekend after this? I might be in Manhattan and I could buy you some noodles.
weev From: weev Date: November 19th, 2011 08:19 am (UTC) (link)
The 25th i may or may not be interviewed by some anthropologist. if not, then free
the 26th im going to something baroque which i got a free ticket for
the 27th im definitely currently free
weev From: weev Date: November 19th, 2011 08:21 am (UTC) (link)
i can only eat rice noodles re: celiacs disease
wasdely From: wasdely Date: November 19th, 2011 09:09 am (UTC) (link)
That, and I hear they keep the Morgellons at bay
auntiesiannan From: auntiesiannan Date: November 19th, 2011 12:03 pm (UTC) (link)
I will send some to Joni Mitchell then.
auntiesiannan From: auntiesiannan Date: November 19th, 2011 12:04 pm (UTC) (link)
I know bebe we'll get you some nice sai fun or something.
weev From: weev Date: November 19th, 2011 06:03 pm (UTC) (link)
We could get pho and moblog jpegs of it like classic jameth

Edited at 2011-11-19 06:07 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous) Date: November 22nd, 2011 04:49 am (UTC) (link)


I'd like to hear you on a regular basis - maybe Oracle broadcasting can hook it up?
From: (Anonymous) Date: November 30th, 2011 05:44 pm (UTC) (link)

Nice comeback, iProphet!

I really like the radio show, I know for a fact that if this becomes a regular thing for you weevy, you will have me as a regular listener. I find it very hard to disagree with anything you've said, and other people need to hear words like yours to challenge the status quo of the leftist culture hivemind. We live in a sick society and this may be a good means to unify those of us who strive to be healthy souls.

As an aside, I'd like to know who were the artists you played on the recent show? I got Sabrepulse but that's about it. Great stuff, keep it up dude.
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