Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote,
Andrew Auernheimer

obligatory begging post

Well now! It seems from the comments on my last post (largely consisting of "where are you" and "where did you go" it seems that most of you do not follow the news. Which I can understand because the news is generally garbage. In case you were unaware, I got federally indicted. I was actually sending out posts from the joint (I did 40 days, quite biblical, and was released on February 28th and am now awaiting trial), but unfortunately the person I trusted to update my LJ turned out to be horribly untrustworthy in a whole array of ways. They flaked and never updated this so ya'll never saw what I was saying or my predicament. I've backdated the two major emails I wrote from Federal prison so they won't flood ur f-lists:
Up until a couple days ago my bail conditions prohibited me using the internet for basically anything, but now I can solicit donations for my legal defense fund going on at Please spread the word about it. It turns out defending yourself from the federal government takes a six figure sum of cash and they already stole everything I had. I am available for hire for copywriting/unix sysad/c perl and bash/deliverability/viral marketing consulting/welding/whatever if you know of anyone hiring in the NYC/North Jersey area or anything I can work remotely. I am going to trial. Wish me luck, and please send cash. I am facing a decade in prison if I don't get funds for a good legal defense.

I guess I should talk about life out on bail for a sec. I am broke as fuck but having a good time. There are a few pieces of ONTD fodder that have happened since I got out in February:
  • I met Karen Gillian (Amy from Doctor Who) on the rooftop bar at The Standard hotel in the packing district of Manhattan. We were the only people really dancing in the discoteque and when I see her up top on the roof she says in a heavy Scottish accent "always great to meet a fellow rocker". We get to talking and I tell her about my pending federal computer crime indictment. We end up in a long conversation about astrophysics and how the double-slit experiment is proof of a divine creator and she drags me to Hogs and Heifers and buys me shots of tequila. Thanks, Karen. I needed the sauce. I had never seen an episode of the new Doctor Who series but I have since seen Demon's Run and Let's Kill Hitler. It is some of the best television ever. Why did nobody tell me it was so great (besides this_is_not_art's hubby)?
  • Wyatt Cenac from the Daily Show and I were on the same radio show. I shook hands with him! I think he is the best Daily Show correspondent currently on the show. Rob Riggle however is still the funniest of all time.
  • Something about DSK. I was deliberately misquoted on the issue. They said I said "I dont want to say they trapped him, but it seems like there is more to the story". Among many other things presented by the journalist, this is not true. I said that "he didn't rape anyone" and it was "blatantly obvious Sarkozy set him up". Which turned out to be more or less the case, but the press at the time was trying to crucify Strauss-Khan. I thought the article in question was generally funny so I liked it but it just goes to show that media people always write what they want to write regardless of the truth. I was honored for the chance to defend Dominique when everyone else was slandering him. He could be one of the 144,000 blessed Jews written of in Revelations. I hope he becomes the President of France.
It is 9/11 and I live in the NYC area now, so it is kind of a big deal. I pray for all the Americans murdered during that historic tragedy and their families. Death would be too kind of an ending for those who were truly responsible for that great crime. I hope one day those involved are fully brought to justice.

For the time being, because I am heaven sent I am drived to a dive of low lives and low rent. I am in a sorta crappy condition objectively but my spirits are high and there is just so much to relay about my life as of late as of late that I don't even know how. I may not post anything else after this but just know that I love ya'll. 

Oh, and if anyone has like, a spare smartphone plz hook it up.
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