Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote,
Andrew Auernheimer

the jyotish is spot-on as usual

All this talk of sidereal in the mainstream media. I have been into the Jyotish forever. Ptolemy was spot-on but he missed precession. Anyways, this is something my birth chart said a while ago and it lols me:
Effect of Sun in your birth chart

You will be hard working and sincere and make wealth through own efforts. You will have capacity for organizing big events and things. You will do well in publicity too. You will earn good name and fame and will engage in charitable work. You will be religious and honest. On the negative side you will be too stubborn and rude in speech. You will not have a calming look on your face. Your facial expression will make your speech appear even more hurting. However the basic trend of your speech will be intelligent, bright and meaningful. You may face a risk to your life and limbs during your 25th year.
It even knows the year of my peril. Just gotta make it through. Keep on truckin!
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