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Statement on Gawker hack - Andrew Auernheimer — LiveJournal
Oðinnsson. Market abuser. Internationally notorious computer criminal.
Statement on Gawker hack
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weev From: weev Date: December 29th, 2010 11:22 am (UTC) (link)
1. Site security, obviously.
This appeared to be an extensive assault upon all levels of Gawker security. I don't know a single bank in existence that wouldn't have failed to this level of scrutiny. To imply that gossip blogs should be more secure than where you keep your money is absolutely absurd.

In fact, the level of sophistication of the attack is completely disproportionate to the attack target. I'd be willing to bet this is an FBI COINTELPRO style hit upon Gawker, likely to manufacture the "well, you shouldn't give AT&T's data to Gawker because Gawker isn't secure" line against me in my trial. It is disappointing that the feds are resorting to bankrolling hacks against news sources to try to discredit me, but what can you expect from these assholes? They called in a threat of violence to a synagogue to try to blame it on me previously.

A sane society would line up these federal pieces of shit and shoot them in the street.
yrck From: yrck Date: December 30th, 2010 09:35 pm (UTC) (link)
Thats the fucked thing. None of these bureaus have the checks in place to guarantee they don't pull random stunts. I feel like you give them too much credit. I bet its just some asshole thats jealous expensing sysadmin work but is actually employing hackers.
base3 From: base3 Date: January 21st, 2011 11:52 am (UTC) (link)
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