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yes hello - Andrew Auernheimer — LiveJournal
Oðinnsson. Market abuser. Internationally notorious computer criminal.
yes hello
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cryptomail From: cryptomail Date: November 9th, 2010 05:56 am (UTC) (link)


I love this :)
Thanks for posting.
purly From: purly Date: November 9th, 2010 06:48 am (UTC) (link)
So this reptilian queen chic who talks too much... I can't tell whether her tits are real.
auntiesiannan From: auntiesiannan Date: November 9th, 2010 06:57 am (UTC) (link)
God damn those are some fuckin' knockers.
wasdely From: wasdely Date: November 9th, 2010 03:57 pm (UTC) (link)

You better believe I watched the whole thing

elder_quakers From: elder_quakers Date: November 9th, 2010 04:20 pm (UTC) (link)

She seems to have some sort of nasal problem, she keeps wiping her nose.
From: (Anonymous) Date: August 24th, 2014 11:05 pm (UTC) (link)
All that crack she's doing,
Why else would she be that insane?
elder_quakers From: elder_quakers Date: November 10th, 2010 01:45 am (UTC) (link)
Also... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11721981

The reptilians must have taken out the fleet.
elder_quakers From: elder_quakers Date: November 11th, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC) (link)
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