Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote,
Andrew Auernheimer

03:53 <&weevil_> you know what worries me
03:53 <&weevil_> that christ is going to rise again
03:53 <&weevil_> and hes going to see all the furries masturbating in their parents basements
03:53 <&weevil_> to drawn pictures
03:53 <&weevil_> and hes going to be like
03:53 <&weevil_> "i went on the cross... for this?"
03:53 <&weevil_> and hes going to be utterly disgusted and resentful for sacrificing for us
03:54 <&t12> agree
03:54 <&t12> all degenerate losers cursed to basements for eterernity
03:54 <&t12> thats why hell is underground
03:54 <&t12> closeest place to moms basement god could come up with
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