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Oh hey, my security consulting group just found a privacy breach at… - Andrew Auernheimer — LiveJournal
Oðinnsson. Market abuser. Internationally notorious computer criminal.
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From: (Anonymous) Date: June 18th, 2010 01:15 pm (UTC) (link)

Since this whole thing exploded

Since this whole thing exploded, I've been reading your LJ and watching your videos about Gnostic Christianity, the Jews, Astrology (Ages of Taurus, Aries and Aquarius) and you remind me of myself back in the days when I had a head full of acid!

I joined a few "cults" (western mystery traditions) and learned all about the Qabalah (it originated with the Greeks, not the Jews [and they probably got it from the Egyptians... and they probably got it from aliens or some shit]). PK Dick, anything and everything about Theories of Everything I could find...

Well, every single thing I was obsessed about back then seems irrelevant now... I read one book a while back explaining Nagarjuna's "Fundamental Wisdom of The Middle Way" and I could never believe in dualism or God again. Simply fails at logic completely and Nagarjuna painstakingly examines why.


You should read it.
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