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Andrew Auernheimer

I'll create an iProphet FAQ to answer the common questions but for now I'll just dump replies here

From: "Matthew 10:34"
To: Adrienne D

Pantheistic faiths were an expression of different racial and psychological
archetypes in religious characters, with the exception of Sumerian faith,
which largely elevated profitable social functions and institutions to the
levels of godhood.

Loki, Kali and Christ are an eternal golden braid. They all share some story
bullet points that made them hedges against mankind's exposure to the
apocalypse initiated by a banker elite. An aspect of the Godhood needn't
necessarily be a trickster to act in this manner (though it is most
frequently a trickster that exhibits this behavior because the trickster has
the least to lose). Kali was definitely not a trickster, and most people do
not consider Christ to be (though I do). When I was in India, I was
examining old Vedic art with a sadhu. I saw a picture of Mahakali stabbing a
crowned man to death. At the top of the man's sceptre was a Star of David.
When I asked about this piece, the sadhu said it was an old story that is
taboo now.

Aryanism is a divine spirit. When you talk to a Pentecostal, they describe
the Holy Spirit as something that hits you like a train. It feels your body
to such an extreme that you cannot ignore its action. Aryanism is not about
race-- there are Hispanic Aryans (read Miguel Serrano sometime for some of
the most beautiful gnostic-Aryan rhetoric and prose you will ever consume),
Aryans of primarily African origin (see the Nepels in India and the
radicalized peoples of Libya), Aryans of Asiatic origin (these were greatly
concentrated in Japan, before being wiped out by the Shinto cult which was
founded by a lost Jewish tribe, there are also plenty of these on the
Indian/Nepal border), Middle Eastern Aryans (in Afghanistan and Iran) and
Aryans of European descent (some still in Germany, many in Austria,
Switzerland and Poland and a dying few in Greece, Italy, Norway and

Aryanism is a body of information which certain bodies of information make
you more perceptible to. Certain life experiences can give you a sense of
"deja vu" of things you have done before. Certain chemicals and bacterias
can make you more succeptible to the Aryan spirit. Regardless of your
descendance, you can be transformed into a proper being through expression
of the Aryan experience. It is a choice. Spirit or materiality. It is one
you make every day.

Baldr wasn't a great god. He accomplished nothing. He had the modern
equivalent of spinning rims and a big house in a gated community on the
basis of his inheritance. He was a symbol of something evil commonly
attributed amongst communities succeptible to Demiurgic influence-- one's
success in life being determined by being born into the right circumstance
and not by the fruit of one's labor. Loki, as an avatar of the living
Godhead, defended man's freedom against slavery by arranging for Baldr's

I have paid for my life in precious blood. Conditions of my existence now
involving law enforcement surveillance prevent me from continuing to engage
in this practice. I can only hope that others can find the gnosis of God
through similar practice. There is something magical about watching the life
slip out of evil being's eyes. Try it sometime.

You may access pieces of gnosis through many means. DMT is a good start, if
you can find it. Fasting and meditation I highly suggest. Gnosis is
collected gradually. You won't figure it out all in one shot. It is
delivered in small pieces. Just keep awareness at all times because God can
and will communicate to you through many paths in many places. I personally
received my largest piece at the Mahakali shrine atop the ruins of Golconda.
I know the pieces fit, because I watched them fall away. One day they all
click and you are wholly transformed.

On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 10:57 AM, Adrienne D wrote:

> Hi Weev
> Hope things are going well. I just had a few questions as I was listening
> to your recent sermon. I'm not quite sure whether I'm quite convinced, but
> nevertheless, I'm interested and want a bit of clarification. Some of them
> are just smaller questions that really aren't worth time being addressed in
> your sermons, so feel free to just respond in email, if possible.
> You mentioned that Jesus is just a facet of a living god that's existed
> since humans have perceived. I've read posts where you've mentioned Kali
> before as well, and you mentioned Loki during this past sermon. Are there
> specific entities that are included, or are there facets of just about any
> divinity recognized by man, from Athena to Thor to Hathor and on? Or simply
> their various trickster god/goddesses?
> So if there's a chosen people of the Hyperborean god, the Aryans, does that
> leave the rest of humanity as being under the influence of the Demiurge? I
> probably didn't spell that right. Anyways. Where does the rest of humanity
> fit in? It sounds almost as though you can simply be born into one group or
> the other, and so is there no redemption if you're not of Aryan descendance?
> Or is it dependant upon what actions you take?
> As far as Balder and Loki goes, Balder wasn't the greatest deity, but are
> you saying that Balder is a facet of the Demiurge, even as Loki is a facet
> of the Hyperborean god? Or simply that Loki, as part of the Hyperborean god,
> is defending mankind against a being threatening it?
> In saying that people who are despicable, wastes of flesh, etc., should be
> killed, I can't help but ask, have you done this yourself? I know I can only
> take your word on it, but to say something like that, it seems hypocritical
> if you haven't done it yourself.
> How did you come across this knowledge? Are these believes and ideas that
> someone passed on to you in whole form, or that you pieced together yourself
> through experience?
> Thanks for your time
> Adrienne
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