Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote,
Andrew Auernheimer

Tonight my friend walked around the corner of a bar to do business with a black dude. He went around the corner and down the block and got a concussion and his jaw wired shut so that some niggers could have a chance at being $150 richer. I feel like shit for having to admit I'm a bigot, but I'm a rational bigot. In this city it is uniquely the blacks that travel in packs to beat the shit out of white people that walk alone.

I'm not saying all black people are bad. I am sure you may know some amazing black men and women, but the IQ distribution gaps between races are well documented. If you look at the economic success of various societies it almost perfectly correlates to IQ distribution studies. This country was founded on the blood, sweat and tears of white Protestants and needs to be safe for white men and women again. Sometimes it is best to put one's feelings out in ANSI:

 I'm a white anglo-saxon protestant.  I can't solve all my problems by blaming
 them  on prejudice.  I'm not allowed to call the hispanic boy "spic" and  the
 black boy "nigger", because I'm instigating something racial in nature.  This
 even though they calme "damn white folk."   We live in a land which has its
 own ethnic heritage  which should be good enough for every one.   Yet the so
 called  "minorities"  widen the division between races by establishing  their
 own sub-culture and isolating themselves in their own poor communitiesThey
 go  as far as to blame this on the Caucasian oppressor even though the  only
 thing  keeping them from keeping well paying jobs is their laziness antheir
 racial apathy.  They sathat the white man holds them down, saying that they
 are stupid aninferior and there is no racial basis for this.   This too  is
 self-inflicted  as theare too concerned with activities within  their  own
 community to bother trying to get a good education, or even going out to  get
 a respectful job.  And what of the traitors of my own race?  Those that claim
 that  it  is  a truly great thing to end bigotry and the  hatred  that  they
 wrongly  associate with the cause of it.  Those that, in the search for some-
 thing  to  believe  in,  embrace a set of customs which  is  not  their  own,
 choosing to dresand act like young urban street punks.  It's disease that
 is  invading  America borne on the flowery wings of such words as  Tolerance
 and  Equality.  The disease will dissolve America from within destroying all
 feelings  of  nationalism and patriotism, these being the only  things  which
 have  made us a strong and unique country in the past.  The disease  must  be
 destroyed.   Think I am too extreme?  All I can say is that Hitler was right.
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