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To all my friends in Ukraine: Time grows short, act now.
I am an American. I have lived in Ukraine for over a year now. I love this country and its people so much I decided to stay forever. I have never felt as much at home as when I am in this country. I will be buried within sight of the Dnieper.

I am a political analyst for a living. I spent the last year making large amounts of money betting on the success of Donald Trump. The writing was on the wall for anyone who understood the American people. I kept telling people here we were electing Trump and I was laughed at. Your media insulted Trump and praised Hillary Clinton. Your leaders attacked Trump in vile and cowardly ways. Your ambassador insulted Trump in public.

I love my President as much as I love Ukraine. This presents a problem. My President hates your President. Your leaders have made grave mistakes. Just as I warned your country and its media about the impending election of Donald Trump, I will now warn it once more. I worry that war will come. I love my city and will not leave it. I want this place to succeed, and it will need America's help to do so.

When your leaders allied themselves with Hillary Clinton, they made themselves part of a coalition of the worst people in America. The kind of people that voted for Hillary Clinton were chiefly homosexuals, childless insane women, drug dealers, pimps, and people who refuse to work that wanted free money from our government so they did not have to get a job. The image of Ukraine's leaders to any red blooded American now is now tainted with the association of Hillary's sick and degenerate voter base. My American friends talk of Ukraine with contempt in their voice. They only know the men in Kiev who attacked their beloved leader, men they know to be a part of Clinton's international network of corruption.

Donald Trump has done more in his first ten days than any American president has in history. He moves fast, like the lightning. Ukraine will have to move fast as well to salvage their relationship with America. There are three simple steps to doing so:

1) Poroshenko should realize the gravity of what he has done and step down for the good of his country. Trump will hold a grudge against Poroshenko forever, and seek to undermine any government that includes him and his allies. The Kiev junta is over and Ukraine's only future with America lies in men who have not insulted my President.

2) Trump admires strength and independence-- nationalist militants should fill the ranks of power. Trump is a nationalist and strongly supported Brexit. Trump and his people like independent European nation states and oppose globalism. If you put Pravy Sektor men in power, it will give an image appealing to Western nationalists.

3) Develop support amongst the alternative right. Trump's first political support base was far right Internet commentators and reactionary labor movements. It remains his core political base. Oleksandr Muzychko was the only Ukrainian appreciated by the alt-right and he was murdered. Most in the alt-right think he was silenced for his vocal opposition to so many Jews seizing power in Ukraine. Trump's political base wants to see the kind of spirited resistance to Jewish Communists that Muzychko displayed. Ukraine needs to find more men like him and make sure they adequately communicate their ideals to both Ukrainian and American audiences.

The clock is ticking. Ukrainian leaders stand idle, waiting to see what changes. Ukraine suffers an ill fate because its leaders backed the wrong horse. Ukraine still may change course, but the shadow of Moscow grows longer every hour. Inaction will lead to ruin.

Hackers: chip in for legal defense, or live in a world without it.
Some hackers donate to legal advocacy organizations out of self-interest. They think that when they get indicted these legal organizations will be there to help them. Then they get indicted, and suddenly find that nobody is there to help them. The big advocacy organizations you donated to are not going to take your case to trial.

This isn't meant to be a criticism of organizations like the EFF. It's just a fact. Their charter urges them to push law and policy. They aren't there to bring your case to trial. If your case does not create new law they will have little interest in it. Even if it does, you may decide it is in your best interests to plea out like Fidel Salinas did. Until you have already finished trial and are slated for appeal, they will not be there to help you.

It feels like ages ago since I was indicted. After meeting with upwards of a hundred attorneys I had resigned myself to running my case pro se, representing myself. I had only met a single competent attorney who understood the legal issues at hand in the case. They wanted a six figure sum to do it. After several years of nonstop federal harassment, I had not a dime to my name left. I went to Zuchotti Park and started trolling passerby with an inflammatory sign about ZOG. As a result I met Tor Ekeland.

Tor was the second attorney I met that had a reasonable understanding of computer crime law. He was broke too but said he'd do it for free. I ended up bringing in some donations and business, remaining probably the only hacker client of his that ever showed a hint of profit. After coming to personal understanding of how fucking draconian the legal system surrounding computer "crimes" is, he's helped in nearly a dozen more cases since then that I know of, even when the press wasn't interested or they incurred big losses on him and his firm.

Tor's is the one law firm that consistently helps hackers around the world when they desperately need it. Nobody else wants to. Nobody else will. There's a handful of attorneys that understand computer crime law in the world and hardly any of them will get out of bed for less than a thousand dollars an hour. How many of them will take your case to trial to make sure arguments are preserved for appeal?

Tor is running out of money. I gave him some in appreciation for his continued work, but I live on a Slavic salary. I make less than US minimum wage. There's only so much I can do, and I'm certainly not capable of keeping his doors open right now.

Those doors are at risk of closing to us. If they do, you will have no options when they come for you. You will have to do what everyone did before Tor came along, which is take a terrible plea deal "negotiated" by a public defender who does not care about you and has no desire to help you. That plea deal will destroy the rest of your life. Or you might choose to kill yourself like Moore and Swartz did after they went to personal and family friends who were attorneys begging for help and were told to get lost. Those that refused to answer Swartz's call for help like Lawrence Lessig are unfathomably well funded. Tor answers as many calls as he can at great personal cost to himself, yet is tragically starved for resources.

If Tor does not keep doing what he does for hackers, every person that uses the Internet is poorer for it.

Help him keep his doors open or nobody will have your back when they come for you:

Why Justin Bieber is an underrated antihero
It was 2011 when I first became a Belieber. The Commercial Felony Streaming Act was being argued in the Senate, sponsored by Amy Klobuchar. It was a nightmare of a bill that would have made it a felony for you to make performances of copyrighted works. This, incidentally, was how Justin Bieber's career began: singing songs on YouTube. A radio announcer told him about the bill and his thoughts on Senator Klobuchar were that "she should be locked up ... she needs to know that I’m saying she needs to be locked up, put away in cuffs."

When it comes to retaliation against rulers one opposes I prefer the kill their sons and rape their daughters approach outlined in the Völundarkviða, but calling for extrajudicial imprisonment is a pretty good instinct for a 16 year old. I came to expect great things from Bieber. I was not disappointed.

He mocked Orlando Bloom after fucking his supermodel wife Miranda Kerr, then ducked the guy's punch and laughed at him. He told nigger jokes. Just last year he was sued over an anti-semitic incident where he egged a Jew's house. When he was deposed in 2014 on an assault investigation, he displayed Shkreli-tier contempt for legal process:

Bieber displays the characteristics of a great hero of skaldic poetry. He treats the establishment and its rules with the contempt they deserve, leaving a trail of furious onlookers and currently outstanding South American arrest warrants. I can't decide whether he's the Donald Trump or John McAfee of pop. If the lulzy parts of the Internet were not stuck in a mode of reactionary anti-Bieber hatred they would realize that he is, as they say, "based as fuck". If he did anything other than produce pop music most everyone I know would heap praise upon him. The bottomless irreverence of his relentless assault on life is an admirable trait which more of you should emulate.

Because I have always enjoyed Bieber as an individual, I give his music a listen now and then to see if there's anything I enjoy. I never really found him to my taste, but some of the songs from Purpose are actually sounding really good. He has made significant improvement as a musician.

I've added some Bieber tracks to my library for the first time ever, and look forward to adding more. I have a lot of hope for the Biebs in the future. Maybe he'll pull a Clapton on us. You can signal faux superiority if you want by hating on pop music, but I will remain a Belieber.

Update: After this post was written, it was revealed that Justin Bieber was making America Great Again:

After this revelation, he also got in a street fight with a huge nigger:

Bieber is down for the road war.

The nationalist's role in the post-Trump era.
While most of the nationalist community is sitting around and praying for a Trump victory on Monday, I know we have a far more important job to do. We must start planning for what we are going to do after his loss or victory is assured. The latter is far more important. We've had a resurgence of white identity and anger that is unprecedented for our lifetimes. We can't let it dissipate into quiet resentment. We have to capture it and use it to advance the cause of American salvation.

There are two Americas. There is the white America. This America is about productivity, innovation, hard work, and personal responsibility. Then there is another America which is, essentially, a third world country. This is the America of most blacks, hispanics, and arabs, whose primary path to advancement is subjugating the good and productive people of America through Marxist methodologies.

Despite the fervent cuckoldry of libertarians in their belief that minorities are perfectly fungible for whites, it simply is not true. 40% of millennials are nonwhite, and 40% of millennials oppose free speech. This is not a coincidence. The only two nonwhite countries with constitutional guarantees of free speech are Japan and Hong Kong and only because whites wrote their constitutions for them. Liberty is a uniquely European tradition. The weltanschauung of foreigners will never be equivalent to white Europeans. Whiteness is Western civilization. If whites find ourselves in a minority in our nations, we will be enslaved at the hands of savages, and freedom of speech will die for the whole world. Nonwhites who value free speech are dependent upon Internet hosting out of white countries to continue being able to have a modicum of access to it.

Given enough time, this nonwhite Marxist America will devour the good white America. We need to amputate the wickedness like a gangrenous limb lest it destroy everything of value in the world. So with that I present our post-Trump talking point:

The Holy American Trumpire.

These are the states with the most disaffected white populations: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, and Missouri. We need to tell them if we can't make all of America great again, we can at least make some of it great again. We need to foment secessionist and radical militia movements in these states and get people psychologically prepared for the idea of an exit from our Republic and an ensuing civil war in case the government tries to interfere in the peaceful process. The ballot or the bullet, as our enemies have said.

Tons of Southerners have been waiting for Texas to secede for ages. Let's tell them the truth: following Texan secession is useless because Texans are more than happy to let themselves be overrun by Mexicans. In two generations Texas will be North Coahuila. We need to get Southern nationalists to accept leaving Texas to its fate, and worry about the parts of Dixie that want to keep their culture. A secessionist union based upon white disaffection is vastly superior to historical thoughts of secessionist unions based on the Mason-Dixon line. Tons of the South is cucked all to hell.

We must push this idea as hard as we can following a Trump loss. The most important thing is getting people in these areas to form armed groups capable of direct action in these areas and encourage them to think independently.

In the case of a Trump presidency, we have an equally important role to play:

Evolan Criticism

Julius Evola is one of the most important thinkers in regards to fascism that ever lived. His influence pervades the modern far right and third positioners. However in Mussolini's Italy he was a sworn anti-fascist. Unlike other anti-fascists, he hilariously denounced Mussolini's authority as not being totalitarian enough.

The left has already been framing discussions related to immigration. For example, just google: Trump deport 11 million. The left has been presenting the 11 million number over and over again in thousands of articles, asking Trump how he plans to deport 11 million immigrants. Trump did not provide this number. They did. I have no idea where this number comes from, but we do not need to deport 11 million people. The number is somewhere closer to 50 million. By starting the conversation at 11 they're hoping to settle for about half of that. In before "muh six million" and "anuddah shoah".

We need to shout at Trump that we expect all fifty million deported, and the compromise we're willing to make with the sobbing faggot left is that none of those foreign invaders get beheaded in the meantime. In exchange for our generous lack of public executions, we expect copious indictments against corporate traitors under 8 U.S.C. § 1324 (Bringing in and harboring certain aliens) for committing H1-B fraud to bring in cheap computer janitors that could have just as easily stayed in fucking India and worked remote. We need to constantly pull the Overton window right and tell our new political establishment that it is not doing enough to save America.

Hail the Spirit of Týr!

Whatever happens in the next five months, we have to use this momentum that we've gained. The Internet has blown the Overton window open and Trump was keen to seize on it, but the future of the West does not begin or end with him. Tomorrow belongs to us. We will fight. We will win.

History of vigilante data analysis: Ashley Madison, AFF, and How (((the Media))) Steals
Video update. tl;dw is that Vice asked me to work for free doing a TV special on the Ashley Madison hack, which is something that Gawker literally already *stole my work* over and I am tired of the fucking media industry stealing my fucking work and then having the gall to ask me to work for free for them.

Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn want to sabotage Bitcoin on behalf of the US government.
They're at it again. Bitcoin XT developers are releasing histrionic, emotionally charged blog posts declaring the failure of Bitcoin. These blog posts are promoted by their connections in the international media to try to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt around the status of Bitcoin and bully people into accepting their suicidal "solutions" to problems that don't really exist involving block size limits. Bitcoin's only problem is a public tantrum from two former developers who were disallowed radical protocol changes. Mike Hearn, the current tantrum thrower in chief, isn't even in Bitcoin Core's top 100 contributors.

Histrionic whining on Medium and Reddit is not the proper way to present engineering solutions. Their campaign looks more like some sort of intelligence operation than a patch submission. There's a reason for this: it is.

I have a lot of skin in the game on this issue. I am a target of the United States government, and as such I have a very hard time receiving money. It doesn't matter that I have left the United States because of continuing persecution there. Their control over wire transfers between all countries with Rothschild banks is complete. The United States seizes money on lawful transactions between EU states over things as insignificant as Cuban cigars, despite none of the countries involved participating in the US embargo against Cuba. I've had my bank accounts, payment processing services, and brokerage accounts shut off. Bitcoin is the only way I can engage with any financial services. If it is centralized and subject to controls similar to SWIFT wires and credit card processing, my continued existence would no longer be feasible. Bitcoin is the the most important development in human rights in centuries.

Here's the facts: Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn want you to switch to something called Bitcoin XT or Bitcoin Unlimited or some other fork of Bitcoin that is under unilateral control so that they can centralize Bitcoin to a dangerous degree-- enough to put it under the control of a government hostile to liberty like the United States. While they do this, they hilariously complain about "oppression" and "censorship" on forums that clean away their bullshit altcoin spam postings.

There are two likely incentives for doing this:
1) They have placed short positions against Bitcoin.
2) They are funded by people that wish to see Bitcoin less free.

Now reflect for a moment that the only major industry supporter of the Bitcoin XT proposal is Coinbase whose gigantic series C round was lead by the New York Stock Exchange. I doubt their financial interests are aligned with a free and unregulated global marketplace.

The good news is that they seem to have lost most of this battle. Consensus on the network is determined by the nodes people run on it. Bitcoin XT only has about 500 nodes. Bitcoin Core, the real Bitcoin software, has about ten times that. The majority of the mining capacity is in China, and Chinese people have little incentive to centralize Bitcoin for the convenience of US intelligence and enforcement organizations. So I must celebrate China's shrewd rejection of XT today.

If you love liberty you should call XT's shilling and spamming out for what it is. If you are invested in Bitcoin you also must do so. If XT gets their way and centralizes Bitcoin, Bitcoin will lose its primary feature of freedom from centralized authorities and thus lose its source of value. You can also support Bitcoin's continued freedom by running a full Bitcoin Core node, and buying and saving Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transaction fees going up is not the end of the world. It's good for miners, and necessary to protect a limited resource like space on the blockchain. I'm willing to pay higher fees to see Bitcoin stay free from government control, and everyone else who loves Bitcoin should be so willing as well.

Ian's death and antifa at CCC: why hackers must become nationalists.
People outside the technology industry don't quite understand the scope of Ian Murdock's contributions to the world. The internet is a big place. It has about a hundred million servers on it. Of those hundred million, about twelve percent are running Debian, Ian's distribution. After Slackware 8 came out in 2001, I switched to Debian and have been running it on my infrastructure since. Beyond servers, the most popular GNU/Linux system distribution for the desktop is called Ubuntu, and it is just a friendly face on Debian's software.

By scope of deployment, Ian Murdock was one of the biggest contributors to the Internet in the world. Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds have shipped more widely deployed software, but Ian Murdock certainly exhibited a scale of contribution that approaches their level.

Over the past week Ian had his home invaded without cause. He was kidnapped at gunpoint and falsely charged with assaulting the officer who assaulted him. He subsequently committed suicide. Many people are commenting that he wasn't in a lucid state when he did so. I'm not so sure. His chances of seeing a California prison were very high. California state prisons are the worst in the entire western world. His chances of losing a significant bit of his assets to the state were also high. Ian had a lot of assets. Rather than endure torture in prison and a loss of his assets to those that were wronging him he killed himself. He was also hoping to catalyze retaliation in revenge against his tormentors, and his death will mean nothing if we don't make it so.

This is a chart of various economic sectors and the total market cap of the associated companies. As you can see, of all the major sectors only financials exceed computing in value. I'm going to say pretty confident that none of them exceed computing in actual social contribution. In fact, with the exception of healthcare none of them innovate at all any longer. This year, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act passed. It was regarded as a terrible thing and opposed by the entire computing industry. It passed anyways. Computing is twice the market value of the energy industry. When is the last time a bill universally opposed by the energy industry has passed? Never. Such a thing is unthinkable. It does not happen. Utilities is the smallest sector on this list with a fifth of computing's value yet has a gigantic multiple of its political power. Computing is regularly made the bitch of the media industry through legislation, which is too small to even appear in this chart.

The food/staples retailing industry is very small in comparison to computing, but I quite assure you that in my homeland of Northwest Arkansas, the cops have a record of every family with a Walmart executive in it and they know damn well better not to fuck with them. Even a low level Walmart executive isn't going to get beaten, humiliated, and falsely charged in the Ozarks. It simply won't happen because the cops know who runs that place. In contrast, one of the most important contributors to computing on the earth just had that happen to him in San Francisco of all places. The telecom services industry is relatively tiny by comparison to computing, but it still petitioned the government to violate my rights and the protests of the entire computing industry did not prevent it.

Ian is dead for the same reason Lance and Jonathan and Aaron are: computing, as an industry, has no will to power. Computing is filled with nerds who want to focus on their own shit and think politics is stupid. They are right, politics is stupid, and I shared a little of that attitude up until the point a gun was pointed in my face, my home was reduced to rubble, and I was being beaten and starved in solitary confinement. Computing's lack of will to power is especially tragic not only because it has the highest potential for power, but because the big players of the game realize that it does. Regardless of the apolitical nature of the industry it is being dragged into Marxist struggles anyways.

Over at Status451, maradydd has a brilliant analysis of the feminist part of the cultural Marxist ecosystem that has now turned its eye towards the technology industry, but her reduction of cultural Marxism to a simple protection racket is flawed. Feminists are not the only force agitating against the tech industry, and immediate profit from their protection racket is not the primary motive.

The other thing that happened over the past week is that anti-fascists (antifa) were out in force at Chaos Communications Congress. If you are unfamiliar with the CCC, it is the most prestigious gathering of hackers in the world. It is not something done for profit, but for the exchange of ideas amongst hacker luminaries. Unlike feminism, antifa has no profit model in this space, and even if it did, the CCC is not a well capitalized company. It is a loose association of hackers.

Antifa at CCC took the chance to protest emerson's talk as racist. I might be a white nationalist and have been so in public since 2008, but if I were to give a talk at CCC I don't see how I could even make it racist. These are technical talks about real world software deployments. The talk itself was about emerson's travels to Sierra Leone at great personal risk to help use open source software to assist with the eradication of the Ebola virus. Why would they choose this talk?

Let me tell you something. I, as a public white nationalist, have never had problems with these people. Nowadays they are afraid to even say my name. I am Voldemort-tier:

I'll tell you why they chose that talk: someone who goes to Africa to try to help 3rd world people not die is more likely than a white nationalist to cower their head in accusations of racism. They are looking for easy victims to create a narrative with. Their bonuses depend on it.

As it turns out, there is an economic interest in keeping the hacker community docile, afraid, and Balkanized. The last term is best because it is the same guy that catalyzed the genocides in the Balkans who funds most antifa groups: George Soros. Just as he funded the destruction of Yugoslavia because the unification of Slavs presented a threat to his geopolitical interests, he, along with the Rothschilds and the Weinsteins, now funds attempts to culturally subjugate the hacker community. You know that chart we look at above? They are desperately attempting to keep the political elements of computing subdued by Marxism because a rebalance of power according to value would be against their interests and for yours. Most of these antifa types are paid shills, but a few of you are honestly fooled. You are being cuckolded, advocating directly against the interests of your own community and for the interests of predatory billionaires. When you push leftist and libertarian rhetoric you are screaming for more corpses of men like Ian, Lance, and Aaron.

There's a table that all those other people eat at, and they don't want to clear a seat for your tribe at it. I learned something in prison: if someone takes your seat at a table, you pick something up and bash them with it repeatedly. Ian's death was a result of an act of disrespect and violence, an extension of continual disrespect that has emanated from the power establishment for decades now. It's going to continue until we respond in kind.

Embrace the will to power. We can seize it. It won't take very many of us.

A very magical Yule

There's something especially magical about this Yule, and I did a video sermon to commemorate that.

Thanksgiving hatefacts.

Did a quick sermon on an important topic. At dinner tonight when a shitlib whines at your table, remember: just like Skyrim, America belongs to the Nords.