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Andrew Auernheimer - October 6th, 2011
Oðinnsson. Market abuser. Internationally notorious computer criminal.
I for one am disgusted that Wikileaks would dare to tweet about rumors that Steve Jobs has HIV mere hours after the announcement of his death.

I am currently being federally indicted for real, honest-to-god whistleblowing. A corporation exposed data to the public and I informed the public exactly how they were put at risk. Did I stick people's data up on a wiki? No. Did I invade anyone's personal privacy? No. I just did my best to inform people what risks they were exposed to so they could make personal decisions on how they could mitigate that risk.

Assange and his cabal of goons are sitting here dancing gleefully on a man's grave, making jokes about if he had AIDS or not. They claim to be whistleblowers, but they're really just attention whores. As a result, Assange awaits trial in a mansion with all the legal assistance he wants while I await it in an SRO and don't have the resources necessary to mount a legal defense.

Fuck wikileaks.
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